VAT Rates

There are numerous VAT rates which even include a VAT rate of 0%, oddly enough!

The most common VAT rate is the standard rate. Most goods or services are standard rate. If you purchase or supply standard rated goods or services, this is currently 20% in the UK.

There is also a reduced rate of 5% which applies to items such as children’s car seats and domestic fuel.

As mentioned, there is also a zero rate which means goods are still VAT-taxable but the rate of VAT is currently at 0%. These still have the be recorded in your VAT accounts and reported on your VAT return but at 0%. Example of these are newspapers, books, children’s clothes and shoes, most goods you export from England to a Country outside the UK and randomly, motorcycle helmets!

These VAT rates are subject to change at any time but if you require more information, please visit or contact us directly.

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