Self-Employment Tax Payment Deadlines

As the deadline for payment of tax due for the 2019/20 tax year has now passed, the Government will start charging penalties and interest on late tax payments if you do not arrange a payment plan with them for the payment of any outstanding tax due to them. Remember, you are only eligible to apply for a payment plan for any tax outstanding to HMRC if you meet the following criteria -

1. You owe £30,000 or less

2. You do not have any other payment plans or debts with HMRC

3. Your tax returns are up to date and filed to HMRC

4. It’s less than 60 days after the payment deadline

To arrange a payment plan, please call the HMRC Self-Assessment Payment Helpline on 0300 200 3822 and let us know what has been agreed with HMRC once it has been confirmed with them.

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