Stacks of Windows

A Real Life Case Study.

A Story of How We Benefit Our Real Life Clients.

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About York Windows & Garage Doors Ltd.

York Windows & Garage Doors is a special company that goes beyond the call of duty to ensure they provide high quality products and installs them in a way that safeguards and protects peoples largest assets…their property.

As a business run by two friends, there is no shortage of humour and banter as they work together day in and day out to do what they do best.

With a business that saw growth beyond their expectations and a reputation that preceded them, they were able to hit the ground running, and, through word of mouth fill their diaries with new and repeat customers.

As things progressed and they scaled their business further, they came across the many regulations that come with running a business. With their complete trust in a qualified accountant, they were able to sleep easy knowing those compliance concerns were being looked after.

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How They Became a Client.

Fast-forward a couple of years and they started receiving letters with penalty charges on from HMRC. Along with this, they were not hearing from their accountant very often but assumed all was well and everyone was just busy.

Until one day, one of the owners of York Windows & Garage Doors had agreed to install a new window handle for a neighbour of his (yet another example of going beyond the call of duty), when he got talking about the lack of communication between the business’ current accountant and the owners themselves.

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The Transition to ATP Accounting.

Of course, it so happens that the neighbour in question was indeed also a qualified accountant, in fact he was the ATP Accounting CEO, Jake. Jake explained that based on what he had heard, things seemed to appear to be getting out of hand for this York Windows & Garage Doors and expressed his concern that HMRC penalties don’t just disappear, things need to be sent to the HMRC for these penalties to be reviewed or a valid appeal be raised against them.

After a number of other discussions, York Windows & Garage Doors decided to take a leap of faith and entrust their business finances and accounting into the hands of another accountant, which happened to be ATP Accounting. Although, this time, things were to get resolved and dealt with as they should.

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What They Have to Say About Working With Us.

“We needed a new accountant as our last one left us in a mess. We heard about Jake and after meeting him we decided to change to ATP Accounting. Jake and the team at ATP are extremely professional and competent in the work they do. Jake has already personally sorted everything out for us and we are very happy. I would highly recommend changing to use ATP Accounting if you are looking for a new accountant or if you are unhappy with the one you currently use.”

As a business, we at ATP Accounting are delighted to hear that both of the owners of York Windows & Garage Doors are pleased with what we have already demonstrated as the way things should be done. Having said that, it’s only what we do for all of our clients and will continue to do so.