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How it all began.

Like your current accountant. Just cooler.

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Accountants. But Not Like You Know Them.

Our journey began with our CEO being tired of hearing that all Accountants are boring. We have heard it all before and will hear it for years to come. At 31 years old, he decided he would do something about this and carve out a niche in the market where Accountants can be exciting and insightful rather than dull and mundane. He set out to provide a modern and unique approach to Accounting & Finance and ATP Accounting was born.

With a closely knit team of Accountants working together with one common goal, to see our clients succeed, we can say that it is a pleasure to work with our clients, however big or small you and your business may be, each of our clients are a big part of our success so we strive to be a big part of theirs.

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We Are Not Just Accountants.

We don’t shy away from legislation and its complexities to save you money, giving regular and up to date information on the fast paced changes which you should be aware of. We don’t expect you to trawl the internet for answers to your tax questions, that’s what we do and will continue to do.

Whether you require an annual tax return once a year or a fully outsourced finance department for your business, we handle it all.

With countless happy clients and a reputation that precedes us, we are sure you will find us easy to work with yet knowledgeable whilst maintaining a personality, all at the same time.



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